Introducing Gemini offerings for Google Workspace for Education customers

What’s changing 

Beginning May 23, 2024, Google for Education customers will be able to leverage new and powerful ways of working, teaching and learning with Gemini for Google Workspace with two new paid add-ons:

  • Gemini Education is a lower price offering best suited to help education institutions get started with generative AI in Workspace, with a monthly usage limit. 

    Gemini Education will be available as an add-on for Google Workspace for Education: Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus. 

  • Gemini Education Premium: includes everything in Gemini Education, plus more advanced features like AI-powered note taking and summaries in Meet, AI-enhanced data loss prevention and more coming soon. This add-on provides full access and usage of generative AI tools in Workspace.

    Gemini Education Premium will be available as an add-on for Google Workspace for Education: Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus.

Note that Gemini for Google Workspace features are only available in English, Spanish and Portuguese* for education users over the age of 18.

Who’s impacted


Why it’s important

Gemini for Google Workspace provides access to our most capable generative AI models widely available across Workspace apps, like Docs, Gmail, Slides, and more. Inside and outside the classroom, you can use Gemini to help transform your work by:

  • Turning a blank page into a lesson plan template or a grant proposal in Docs
  • Creating an agenda for an upcoming professional development session in Sheets
  • Bringing presentations to life or illustrate a topic by creating original images in Slides, and more.

With both add-ons, you’ll also be able to chat with Gemini ( safely and securely with enterprise-grade data protection. can help you speed up time-consuming tasks, like conducting research about IT security best practices to creating an alumni outreach plan. It can also help you generate fresh ideas and make learning more personal for your students, like re-leveling content or creating class exercises or assignments based on their interests.

Check out The Keyword blog for even more information about how we’re bringing Gemini to Google Workspace for Education

Additional details

Coming soon to Gemini for Google Workspace for Education:

Further data protections
To further our robust privacy commitments, in the future educators and students 18 years and older will have added data protection when accessing Gemini at with their school accounts, free of charge. This added protection ensures that your data is not reviewed by anyone to improve our models, is not used to train artificial intelligence models, or shared with other users or institutions. These protections will be applicable to our free Gemini experience for Workspace for Education customers and will be available in 40+ languages.

As a reminder, is covered under your Google Workspace for Education Terms of Service*. Check out the Workspace Blog for more information about how we’re protecting your Google Workspace data in the era of Generative AI.

OpenStax and Data Commons extensions
Soon, you’ll be able to use Gemini in combination with OpenStax and Data Commons, along with guided practice quizzes to help people learn more confidently and with trusted sources. For example you can ask OpenStax to discuss the scientific significance of solar eclipses” to pull in accurate, trustworthy responses based on Rice University’s OpenStax educational resources. Or you can leverage Data Commons to visualize data about complex topics like climate change, jobs, economics, and more. You’ll also be able to work through guided practice quizzes and receive conversational feedback on each of your responses. We’ll provide more information on The Keyword and the Workspace Updates blog when this functionality becomes available.

Piloting Gemini in Classroom
We're also piloting Gemini in Classroom with new lesson planning features that are informed by LearnLM, our new family of models fine-tuned for learning, based on Gemini and grounded in educational research. See here for more information on joining the Google for Education Pilot Program.

Getting started

Rollout pace

  • The Gemini Education and Gemini Education Premium add-ons will be available beginning May 23, 2024


*Spanish and Portuguese currently have a limited feature set — learn more.
*See here for more information on the terms of service if you’re using with a personal Google account.