Introducing a new AI Security add-on for Google Workspace

This announcement was part of Google Cloud Next ‘24. Visit the Workspace Blog to learn more about the next wave of innovations in Workspace, including enhancements to Gemini for Google Workspace.

What’s changing

As we continue to expand our Gemini for Google Workspace offerings, we're excited to introduce the AI Security add-on for Google Workspace customers. 

At launch, the AI Security add-on will give customers access to the AI Classification capability in Google Drive. AI Classification allows IT teams to automatically and continuously identify, classify, and label sensitive files across the organization. This capability is powered with privacy-preserving AI models that can be uniquely trained for the specific needs of your organization. Classified files can then be protected with existing data loss prevention (DLP) controls. 

Who’s impacted


Why it matters

Drive Labels enable Workspace Administrators to up-level their security posture by closely monitoring activity on labeled files, and using labels as a vehicle for data loss prevention and lifecycle management policies. The challenge with label-based policies is that they are only effective on files that are correctly identified and labeled. Further, labeling files placed a considerable manual burden on Admins.

This is where AI Classification can help. By training models on customer-identified examples of content that match their data classification definitions, AI Classification can evaluate files where text can be extracted to see if it should be labeled.  This enables organizations to achieve label coverage at a scale and accuracy that is very difficult to accomplish through traditional means and manual Admin intervention. Once labeled, the organization's data can be protected by fine-grained security policies. 


The AI Security add-on is available for the following Google Workspace Editions:
  • Business Standard and Plus
  • Enterprise Standard and Plus
  • Enterprise Essentials and Essentials Plus
  • Frontline Starter and Standard
  • Google Workspace for Nonprofits