Holiday Best Practices: Setting up labels for quick reporting and remarketing

This holiday season, we’re offering quick tips (30 minutes or less to implement!) to whip your campaigns into shape, just in time for the holidays. Reach out to your DoubleClick Search solutions consultant or the DoubleClick Search Support team for more advice on how to implement today’s tip.

Today’s tips are all about labels: use them for reporting or use them for remarketing, but make sure you use them!

Are you looking to optimize your reporting for the holiday season? DoubleClick Search labels make it simple to keep track of your holiday promotions. For instance, assign one or more labels to your seasonal campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords to group them by initiative. For easy comparison, report on multiple labels to break down your holiday promotions into narrower silos (eg “Black Friday Branded Terms” vs “Black Friday Unbranded Terms”). When you’re ready, report on your labels to see statistics across your holiday promotion labels from a top level perspective.

Want to spend even less time on reporting? Set up a scheduled report to have your data delivered to you, when you want it.

Are you looking to take advantage of more cross-channel opportunities between search and display? You already have labels in place -- now make them actionable by putting them into a remarketing list, allowing you to target your search users with display ads. With display remarketing from search ads, re-engage your audience who clicked on your search ad, by showing them display ads across exchanges via DoubleClick Bid Manager, or across Google Display Network. We recommend filtering to keywords with a high CTR and low conversion volume: convince your browsers to be buyers, and improve your overall conversion volume!

You can simplify your reporting and give your holiday campaigns extra love with remarketing in less than 30 minutes. Reach out to the support team for more workflow and remarketing tips, to get assistance with structuring your labels, or for advice on setting up additional audience segments.