Let your users discover live events and track their audience

YouTube Live streaming platform enables eligible channels to stream live content on YouTube.  

With the addition of live streaming content to the Data API, you can make it easier for users to find information about these live streaming events:
  • get search results indicating whether a video is an upcoming or active live broadcast
  • get both scheduled and actual values of start and end time of the broadcast
  • get concurrent viewer count of a broadcast
  • search for live content via eventType filter

How to start implementing new features

  • Sample code and tools
    • Client libraries for many different programming languages can help you implement the YouTube Live Streaming API as well as many other Google APIs.
    • Don't write code from scratch! Our Java, PHP, and Python code samples will help you get started.
    • The APIs Explorer lets you try out sample calls before writing any code.

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Keep it live,
-Derek Tan, Ibrahim Ulukaya and the YouTube Live Streaming Team