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Posted by Marcus Leal, Product Manager, Google Play

Over the years, Android has evolved to support more devices such as watches, tablets, TVs, and even cars. Apps and games are a critical part of this ecosystem as they power many of the unique digital experiences that we all enjoy and rely on. As a way to make it easier for users to find your great apps across all Android devices, we are making changes to the Google Play Store, enabling users to more easily discover and install apps on other devices directly from their phone.

Updates to the Google Play Store phone app

We recently introduced three updates to the Play Store phone app that will help your users’ devices work better together: homepages for non-phone devices, a device search filter, and the ability to remotely install an app to another device.

Homepages for other devices

Users with a Wear OS watch, Android TV OS, or car with Android Automotive can navigate to the Play Store “Other devices” page on their phone app to see app and game recommendations, and editorials tailored to their non-phone devices.


Users can go to the “Other devices” page to get recommendations of apps and games optimized for non-phone devices.

Search device filters

Users can also find apps and games for their devices with the new device filter on the Play Store search page. Using the filter, the search results will only include apps and games that are compatible with their selected device.

Users can use the device filters to easily find apps and games optimized for their Wear watch, Android TV, or Android Auto-enabled devices.

Remote install to other devices

After finding the right app or game for their device, users can install it remotely from their phone by selecting the target device and clicking the install button.

Users can remotely install apps and games to their other devices from the Play Store on their phone.

Changes to the Play Store website

We also recently launched a major redesign of the Play Store website. In addition to simplifying navigation, improving accessibility, and showcasing new and more useful information, the new website makes it easier for users to discover and manage their apps and games across all their devices. This means that users can access the Play Store website on their computer or non-Android phone to browse, search, and remotely install apps and games to all of their Android devices.

Users can access the Play Store website on their computer or non-Android phone to browse, search, and remotely install your apps and games to their Android devices.

These changes were designed to give developers new opportunities to showcase their multi-device app experiences, driving more engagement across the Android ecosystem.

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