Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin v3.0.0

Today we're launching version 3.0.0 of the Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin. The updated Unity package is available for download on our GitHub repo.

Streamlined Build Process

With the v3.0.0 release of the Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin, the process for generating both Android and iOS projects no longer requires additional setup.


The Google Play Services library project no longer has to be included within your Unity project. Instead, the necessary Google Play services client libraries are automatically copied into Unity projects at build time. This functionality is provided via the Unity JarResolver library (linked on our GitHub repo). This change decreases app size and fixes compatibility issues with other Unity plugins that use Google Play services, such as the Google Play Games plugin.


The Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin now uses CocoaPods to deploy the Google Mobile Ads SDK into the iOS project generated by Unity. The Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin will also configure all necessary build settings for the iOS project.

Custom IAP

This release of the Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin also brings support for non-default in-app purchases. The non-default purchase flow gives developers full control over the implementation of the billing flow, while allowing for purchase of both consumable and non-consumable products. Steps on how to integrate non-default in-app purchases into your Unity application can be found on our Game Developers guide.

Ad Event Refactoring

This release includes a refactoring of ad events for both banners and interstitials. Take note of the following changes and update projects written against past versions of the Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin.

Old Ad Event New Ad Event
AdLoaded OnAdLoaded
AdFailedtoLoad OnAdFailedToLoad
AdOpened OnAdOpening
AdClosing (deprecated)
AdClosed OnAdClosed
AdLeftApplication OnAdLeavingApplication

The source code and a sample app for the plugin are available on our GitHub repo, as is a changelog for this release. If you have any questions about Unity integration, you can reach us on our forum. Remember that you can also find us on Google+, where we post updates on all of our Google Ads developer products.