Google Cloud Platform for data center professionals: what you need to know

At Google Cloud, we love seeing customers migrate to our platform. Companies move to us for a variety of reasons, from low costs to our machine learning offerings. Some of our customers, like Spotify and Evernote, have described the various reasons that motivated them to migrate to Google Cloud.

However, we recognize that a migration of any size can be a challenging project, so today we're happy to announce the first part of a new resource to help our customers as they migrate. Google Cloud Platform for Data Center Professionals is a guide for customers who are looking to move to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and are coming from non-cloud environments. We cover the basics of running IT  Compute, Networking, Storage, and Management. We've tried to write this from the point of view of someone with minimal cloud experience, so we hope you find this guide a useful starting point.

This is the first part of an ongoing series. We'll add more content over time, to help describe the differences in various aspects of running your company's IT infrastructure.

We hope you find this useful in learning about GCP. Please tell us what you think and what else you would like to add, and be sure to follow along with our free trial when you sign up!