Existing spaces organized by conversation topic will be upgraded to the new in-line threaded experience by Q4 2023

What’s changing

In 2022, we introduced in-line threading for Google Chat and since March 2023, all newly created spaces in Google Chat are in-line threaded by default. 

As we continue to move toward a single, streamlined flow of conversation in Google Chat, all existing spaces organized by conversation topic will be upgraded to the in-line threaded experience. We anticipate that this upgrade will take place in early Q4 2023. In the meantime, existing legacy threaded spaces will continue to function as is until the upgrade is complete. 

Space organized by conversation topic

In-line threaded spaces

Ahead of the upgrade, we’ll provide more details on the Workspace Updates Blog, and Google Workspace admins, partners, and resellers will receive an email with more information about what to expect before the upgrade. 

Who’s impacted 

Admins and end users 

Why it’s important 

Google Chat continues to evolve to meet the needs of our users with new and agile features. In order to provide a consistent user experience and reduce complexity, all Google Chat spaces will use the in-line threading by early Q4 2023. 

In-line threading allows users to reply to any message and create a discussion separate from the main conversation. Users can also follow specific threads, whereby they’ll receive notifications for replies and @ mentions in that thread, helping to cut through clutter and stay on top of what matters most. Additionally, users will be able to take advantage of other upcoming helpful features such as quoting messages, message linking, and more. 

Additional details 

All messages sent before the migration will be retained without any data loss, and once upgraded, they will be arranged chronologically, instead of by topic. There will also be a separator titled “Begin New Topic” to indicate every time a new topic was started. 

In some cases, when people have responded on older topics, the new chronological order takes precedence. This means that messages may not appear next to the original topic, but rather according to their timestamp. When this occurs, the new response will quote the last corresponding message that it is replying to, as seen in the second image below. 

You’ll also see a separator between the last message sent before the migration, and a message indicating that the space has been upgraded to a space with in-line replies. Going forward, all new messages will feature in-line threaded functionality — more information on the post-migration experience will be shared via email to admins, partners, and resellers. 

Before the upgrade: conversations grouped by topic 

After the space has been upgraded to in-line threading, messages sent before the upgrade will be arranged chronologically, instead of by topic. 

Getting started 

You’ll see a banner in all the spaces that will be impacted by the migration as FYI before the actual migration.


  • This update impacts all Google Workspace customers