DS features in November/December

In November and December, we added the following features to DoubleClick Search:

  • Executive Reporting
    When it’s time to present performance data to your clients or executives, instead of manually downloading detailed data and distilling it into useful summaries, you can now create an executive report in DoubleClick Search (DS). DS executive reports
    are a powerful new way to create custom visual reports to analyze data and share with your end clients, teammates, and managers. Learn more.

  • Analyze performance for all keywords or ads at the advertiser level
    You can now see the performance data for all of an advertiser’s keywords or ads across all engines. Most DS customers have multiple engine accounts, so this feature makes it easier to understand aggregate/overall performance. In the DS UI, simply navigate to an advertiser and click the Keywords tab or Ads tab.
    Learn more.

We also made the following feature updates:

  • Better summary data for your bid strategies
    The bid strategy summary page now focuses on conversions, revenue, and bid strategy status by displaying the Bid strategy performance view by default. In addition to displaying goal type, target metric, and constraints, the Bid strategy performance view has been updated with new columns that show the conversion and revenue statistics relevant to that bid strategy.
    Learn more.

  • Apply bid strategies to campaigns/ad groups via bulksheets: You can now use the Bid strategy column in a bulksheet to apply existing bid strategies to campaigns or ad groups. This makes it much easier to apply bid strategies to multiple campaigns and ad groups. Learn more.

  • Use bulksheets to create, change, and delete labels
    There’s a new bulksheet that makes it easier to create multiple labels at once, and it also allows you to change and delete labels.
    Learn more.

  • Segment sitelink performance data by campaign
    You can now view sitelink performance by campaign in a single view. For example, if you applied a sitelink to 3 campaigns in a single AdWords engine account, you can see a list of the campaigns with the number of sitelink clicks in each campaign.
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Posted by the DoubleClick Search team