Can’t log in? Here’s how to solve the five most common issues

Not being able to log in to your account can be frustrating, and it happens to most of us now and then. Every week the AdSense support team receives emails from publishers who are logged out and stumped.

With that in mind, let's look over the five most common "can't log in" scenarios and how you can clear them up and get back into action.

1. The email and password you entered don’t match

This is always the #1 login issue. Luckily, a fix is just few clicks away. If you've run out of all your memory tricks for remembering your password, visit Google's account recovery service. Enter your login address to reset your Google account password.

2. You deleted your Google Account

Your AdSense account is linked to other Google services like Gmail, Calendar, and Google+ under one Google Account. Sometimes a user decides to delete one service and deletes their entire Google Account, which cuts off access to their AdSense account as well. The good news: even if you deleted your Google Account and lost access to AdSense, your AdSense account is still active. To continue using AdSense, you'll need to recover your Google Account.

3. Your account was hijacked

Hijacking is more common in some regions than in other. If you think your account has been hijacked, you need to act fast.

First things first, visit this page and follow the instructions to alert a Hijacked Accounts specialist and prove your ownership. Be sure to provide detailed and accurate information for each of the questions. Next, contact the AdSense support team by following the steps in the Login troubleshooter. This will let us restore your access to your AdSense account.

To prevent hijacking from happening, follow these security best practices:
  • Enable 2-step verification 
  • If you sign into your account from a public computer, make sure to log out when you're done
  • Don't share your password with others and don't write it down on paper or in documents
  • Use strong passwords. The strongest contain upper and lower cases, special characters, and numbers, like this:  “mYvErY234Strong_pAssWord”
  • Change your password frequently 

4. You signed into a different Google Account 

If you have more than one Google Account, your AdSense account will be linked to only one of them. If you're signed in but don't see your AdSense account, you may be signed into a different Google Account. Try logging in with a different email and password.

5. Your Google Apps account is not opted in for AdSense

If your email is linked to Google Apps, the Google Apps administrator might have turned off AdSense service for the whole Google Apps account. To fix this, ask your domain administrator to grant you access for AdSense. You can contact Google Apps support if you have more questions.

Now let's hope you never need any of these. For more information, check the AdSense Help Center.

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Posted by Kateryna Malinovska
AdSense and AdMob Support Program Manager

Source: Inside AdSense