Assistant and Calendar reminders are automatically migrating to Tasks

What’s changing

In September 2022, we announced that we would be migrating Reminders from Google Calendar and Google Assistant to Google Tasks in order to create a single experience for managing to-dos across Google. Over the last several weeks, Google Workspace users had the opportunity to voluntarily migrate their reminders to Tasks. 

For Google Workspace users: If you have not already migrated your Reminders to Tasks, they will be migrated starting today. 

To help ensure a smooth transition, we’d like to remind admins and end users to: 

If you use a Google account for work or school: 
  • If you want a copy of your reminders data and Takeout is enabled for your organization, export your Reminders data before June 22, 2023. 
If you use a personal Google Account: 
  • If you haven’t already migrated, Assistant and Calendar reminders will begin to automatically migrate in June 2023. We’ll share more information on this timeline in a future update on the Workspace Updates blog. 


  • This update impacts all Google Workspace Customers