Announcing a new certification from Google Cloud Certified: the Associate Cloud Engineer

Cloud is no longer an emerging technology. Now that businesses large and small are realizing the potential of cloud services, the need to hire individuals who can manage cloud workloads has sky-rocketed. Today, we’re launching a new Associate Cloud Engineer certification, designed to address the growing demand for individuals with the foundational cloud skills necessary to deploy applications and maintain cloud projects on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The Associate Cloud Engineer certification joins Professional Cloud Architect, which launched in 2016, and Data Engineer, which followed quickly thereafter. These certifications identify individuals with the skills and experience to leverage GCP to overcome complex business challenges. Since the program’s inception, Google Cloud Certified has experienced continual growth, especially this last year when the number of people sitting for our professional certifications grew by 10x.

Because cloud technology affects so many aspects of an organization, IT professionals need to know when and how to use cloud tools in a variety of scenarios, ranging from data analytics to scalability. For example, it's not enough to launch an application in the cloud. Associate Cloud Engineers also ensure that the application grows seamlessly, is properly monitored, and readily managed by authorized personnel.

Feedback from the beta launch of the Associate Cloud Engineer certification has been great. Morgan Jones, an IT professional, was eager to participate because he sees “the future of succeeding and delivering business value from the cloud is to adopt a multi-cloud strategy. This certification can really help me succeed in the GCP environment."

As an entry point to our professional-level certifications, the Associate Cloud Engineer demonstrates solid working knowledge of GCP products and technologies. “You have to have experience on the GCP Console to do well on this exam. If you haven’t used the platform and you just cram for the exam, you will not do well. The hands-on labs helped me prepare for that,” says Jones.

Partners were a major impetus in the development of the Associate Cloud Engineer exam, which will help them expand GCP knowledge throughout their organizations and address increasing demand for Google Cloud technologies head-on. Their enthusiastic response to news of this exam sends signals that the Associate Cloud Engineer will be a catalyst for an array of opportunities for those early in their cloud career.

"We are really excited for the Associate Cloud Engineer to come to market. It allows us to target multiple role profiles within our company to drive greater knowledge and expertise of Google Cloud technologies across our various managed services offerings."
- Luvlynn McAllister, Rackspace, Director, Sales Strategy & Business Operations

The Associate Cloud Engineer exam is:
  • Two hours long
  • Recommended for IT professionals with six months of GCP experience
  • Available for a registration fee of $125 USD
  • Currently available in English
  • Available at Next ‘18 for registered attendees

The Google Cloud training team offers numerous ways to increase your Google Cloud know-how. Join our webinar on July 10 at 10:30am to hear from members of the team who developed the exam about how this certification differs from others in our program and how to best prepare. If you still want to check your readiness, take the online practice exam at no charge. For more information on suggested training and an exam guide, visit our website. Register for the exam today.