AdWords Upgraded URLs in DoubleClick Search

We’re excited to announce that support for migrating to AdWords Upgraded URLs for all DoubleClick Search customers globally is launching this week.

Customers should review our migration guide, which details the steps you should take to prepare and migrate your accounts to AdWords Upgraded URLs in advance of the July 1, 2015 AdWords deadline.

The steps required for migration depend on whether your landing page URLs in DoubleClick Search already meet the AdWords definition of a final URL. For most DoubleClick Search customers, you’ll simply need to review and approve to migrate, but some of you will need to make changes to your existing URLs before you can migrate to Upgraded URLs. To help you prepare, we’ve added expanded functionality to URL templates in DoubleClick Search.

Using DoubleClick Search URL templates to prepare for Upgraded URLs
DoubleClick Search URL templates are now even more powerful with support for lower level URL templates at the campaign, ad group, keyword, ad, and sitelink level. In addition, DoubleClick Search URL templates work seamlessly with AdWords Upgraded URLs, so there’s no extra work required for migration once they’re setup.

For customers who use additional redirect URLs, you’ll need to specify landing page URLs at the keyword level. You can then use DoubleClick Search URL templates to specify redirect URLs, giving you flexibility to customize your redirect URL structure to meet your needs.

Example: Keyword URLs before and after migration
Here's an example of the URLs associated with a keyword before and after you migrate:

For additional details on how to take advantage of DoubleClick Search URL templates to prepare for your migration to AdWords Upgraded URLs, please read our Help Center article.

Migrating your accounts
Once you’re ready, you’ll be able to migrate from the DoubleClick Search UI (one account at a time), or from a bulksheet (many accounts at a time), at a time that suits you. You’ll have complete control as to how and when you migrate, so long as it’s completed by the AdWords deadline. In addition, we’ve taken care to ensure that your historical data can be preserved, meaning you can pick up right where you left off.

Please review our Help Center for full details about migrating to AdWords Upgraded URLs in DoubleClick Search, and how to launch and confirm the migration. If you require assistance as you prepare for this process, contact your DoubleClick Search representative.

Posted by
Amit Varia, Product Manager, DoubleClick Search
Nick Macrae, Product Marketing Manager, DoubleClick Search