Ad Manager API v202205 sunset and v202202 extension

On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, in accordance with the deprecation schedule, v202205 of the Ad Manager API will sunset. At that time, any requests made to this version will return errors.

Additionally, support for Ad Manager API v202202 is being extended until the same date, May 31, 2023. We've heard from a number of users that they need additional time to complete the Ad Exchange Historical report migration. Note that v202202 is the last version with support for Ad Exchange Historical reports.

When you’re ready to upgrade, check the full release notes to identify any breaking changes. Here are a few examples of changes that may impact your applications:

  • v202211
    • Replaced the string field thirdPartyImpressionTrackingUrl with the list field thirdPartyImpressionTrackingUrls for multiple creative types including ImageCreative. Currently only a single URL may be provided in the list.
    • Removed support for OPTIMIZATION reporting columns.

As always, feel free to contact us on the developer forum with any questions.