with DoubleClick: KLM flies high with 200% increase in ROI

This post is part of the with DoubleClick series, highlighting stories and perspectives from industry leaders about how they are succeeding with an integrated digital marketing platform.

KLM, one of the world’s largest airlines, serves over 20 million passengers each year. With 70% of these passengers outside of their home market, the Netherlands, digital marketing has given KLM the opportunity to reach their audience at scale, while at the same time personalizing their communication.

One of KLM’s main goals was to bring new visitors to their website to purchase plane tickets. They began using DoubleClick for programmatic buying in order to reach these prospects efficiently. “From the beginning, the advantages of bringing programmatic buying in-house were clear: transparency in the costs, control over the costs, and a much more effective campaign setup,” says Arjan Grootveld, Display Marketing Manager at KLM.
And they saw real uplift in efficiency over media spend. Grootveld told us, “If we look at our prospecting campaigns, if we compare pre- and post-programmatic, we see really see a decrease in costs.” At the same time, they were able to decrease CPA by 50%, and increase ROI by 200%.

The team at KLM is confident that programmatic buying has paved the way for innovation, and they see it as a huge enabler for the future.

To learn more about KLM’s approach and results, watch the video below:
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