What’s Up on YouTube: Food, Food Revolutions and… More Food

This Friday Jamie Oliver is going to attempt to deliver the world’s biggest cooking lesson live on YouTube as part of the 2014 Food Revolution Day, an event dedicated to broadening children’s knowledge of nutrition alongside improving their cooking skills. What’s on the menu? Rainbow Salad Wrap, apparently — tune in from 2pm. 

However, it isn't all health, health, health when it comes to food on YouTube, as a new series from Time Out London attests. "Boy Vs Food" sees the listings magazine's 'gastric athlete' take on the capital's biggest big-food challenges, including the Meat Liquor Triple Chilli Challenge, the Oktoberfest's Double Knuckle and the outright terrifying Wonder Café monster fry up. By turns enthralling, appetizing and disgusting, the series is one to watch.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube channel has been steadily building since relaunching in a more concerted, YouTube-specific way in late 2012. With 800,000 subscribers, 45 million views and more recipes than most of us will ever attempt in our lives, the channel has become a hub of food-related activity, bringing established chefs like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Gennaro Contaldo to the platform. It has also provided a home for the likes of DJ BBQ, Barry from My Virgin Kitchen and Food Tube’s international competition winner, Felicitas Pizarro — and with Food Revolution is delivering something you'll struggle to find anywhere other than here on YouTube. 

But, to give them their due, there is a channel that predates Jamie Oliver in terms of having a vision about food online and both building and connecting with the wider YouTube community in the form of Sorted Food. Starting out with an approach that was nothing if not irreverent, the channel has gone on to collaborate with top YouTube channels and rack up 63 million views — keeping things fun throughout. 

If that isn’t enough food-based video for you, then the Waitrose channel recently launched a series featuring baking guru Paul Hollywood and Sainsbury’s have uploaded a raft of cooking how to videos. All in all, right now you’ve got no excuse not to hit the kitchen. 

But if food doesn’t do it for you, why not head to /music or /YouTubeUK to get a taste of what else is trending on YouTube… edible or otherwise. 

Jamie Dolling, YouTube UK, recently watched: “BBQ with Franklin: Pulled Pork”

Source: YouTube UK Blog