S7 Airlines launches QPX to allow improved flight shopping across channels

S7 Airlines, one of Russia’s largest airlines and a oneworld alliance member, recently launched our QPX™ pricing and shopping technology. S7 now offers their customers a more accurate and efficient way of shopping for flights across multiple channels -- on www.s7.ru, within the call center and with their Android™ app.

This is part of a larger effort in which S7 deployed a new booking platform with a modern design. As part of this first release, S7 used QPX pricing and shopping technology to allow their customers to shop for flights across the S7 network and their partner networks.

Dmitriy Chuyko, S7 Airlines E-commerce Director said, “Using QPX pricing and shopping technology gives our customers a more accurate, robust and efficient way to shop for flights. The initial launch was really smooth and we’re looking forward to releasing some of the new features we’re working on, like reward shopping and the ability to support refunds and reissues.”

We’re excited to welcome S7 as a customer.

To learn more about QPX visit www.itasoftware.com.

Source: Google Travel