VaxCare simplifies vaccine management with Android Enterprise

Editor’s note: Today’s post is by Evan Landis, Chief Product Officer with VaxCare. The company aims to simplify vaccination for healthcare providers. VaxCare partnered with Social Mobile to create custom devices managed with Android Enterprise for its customers. 

The intense worldwide effort to vaccinate against COVID-19 has highlighted some of the core challenges that have always existed in expanding protections against preventable diseases.  

At VaxCare, our mission for more than 10 years has been to simplify vaccination programs, easing the logistical barriers to increasing vaccination rates. Our digital platform is designed to help healthcare professionals modernize their vaccination programs, reduce costs and focus on their patients. 

Android devices are central to this strategy. Recently, we partnered with Social Mobile who designed and built bespoke, Google Mobile Services-certified devices that interface with our digital platform. The flexibility of Android Enterprise enabled us to build solutions aligned to our customer needs with simple, flexible management and security tools.

A better customer experience with Android

Social Mobile helped us create custom devices that are simple to set up, use and update, while still meeting HIPAA and HITRUST certification compliance. We were inspired by consumer-facing, point-of-sale devices and the flexibility of the Android platform to create an ideal hardware solution for our customers. 

The VaxCare Hub is our stationary, in-practice integrated device with a 13-inch touchscreen, a camera and a scanner that is the main gateway to our platform. When vaccinating patients, healthcare providers scan the dose and view the vaccine and patient information, ensuring accuracy before administering the vaccine. 

As a dedicated device tied to our service, healthcare providers always have access to quickly look up the status of their inventory and get updates on new vaccine shipments.

vaxcare hub

The VaxCare Hub, a custom device powered by Android Enterprise, is the key portal to our service.

To design for the new contexts and places where vaccines are administered, we also worked with Social Mobile to create the VaxCare Mobile Hub. This smaller dedicated Android Enterprise device also connects to our Portal service and gives healthcare providers the flexibility to get the information they need no matter where they are administering vaccines.

vaxcare mobile hub

The VaxCare Mobile Hub helps our customers ensure accurate vaccine administration.

Having this vital information readily available in this purpose-built, rugged device has produced efficiency for our network of over 10,000 providers. Since launching the Mobile Hub device in September 2020, they administered over 650,000 flu shots during the 2020 season.  One partner practice saw their immunization rates increase 54 percent year-over-year.

Flexible management solutions

Android Enterprise provides comprehensive tools for rapid and secure device enrollment and flexible management, which we enable for our devices through Social Mobile’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform, Mambo.  

With zero-touch enrollment, we enable a quick and simple device startup experience for customers. After unboxing and powering on the device, it’s automatically enrolled and configured for use with our application. Devices are managed in lock task mode, which locks a device to a specific set of apps, so customers are always connected to our VaxCare Portal.

Security and privacy are critical to any healthcare setting. As a device with Google Mobile Services, the VaxCare Hub and Mobile Hub use Android multi-layered security to continually monitor and protect critical data. We have confidence in the platform security features to ensure we meet the security and privacy promise we make to our customers.

Help for a vaccine surge

With Android Enterprise, we’ve set ourselves up to scale as we see an increased demand for vaccines and offerings like VaxCare. We've been able to quickly bring online support for our partners in the public phase of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. We’ve optimized our platform to assist any of our providers who enroll in a public vaccination program to manage inventory, record-keeping and billing. 

As we continue our mission of helping the healthcare community more simply deliver vaccines, we’re confident that Android and Social Mobile’s custom solutions will continue to be a major component of our hardware and software strategy to support the healthcare community.