There’s still time to plan an affordable New Year’s Eve getaway

Still looking for somewhere fun to ring in the new year? With a few tips from our experts and money-saving features in Flight Search you can still find a good deal -- even to popular New Year’s Eve destinations like Las Vegas or New York City.

Tools to help you stay on budget

  • Expand the map within Flight Search to see lowest fares for all the different places you can visit and explore your flight options. 
  • Be on the look out for a “TIP” with your flight search results — letting you know if you can save by using a nearby airport or flying on a different day.
  • Consult our calendar to quickly scan the lowest fares highlighted for each day and pick the best date.
  • Use the lowest fares graph below the calendar to see how prices may fluctuate — and find the least expensive time to fly.
  • Choose one of our suggested “Best Flights” in the results, that show you flights with the best trade-off between price and convenience.

Tips to save on flights during the week of New Year’s Eve

  • Consider booking a flight that arrives on New Years Eve. It's less expensive overall, saving you an average of 15%*. Certain destinations such as Fort Lauderdale or Denver may save you an average of 35%*.
  • Return on New Year’s Day. You may have to limit the champagne toasts but, for some destinations like Miami, San Juan, or Madrid, you can save an average of 16%*.
  • Shift your travel plans by two days and save 15%* on average (for example, try leaving on the 29th vs. the 27th). 

OK -- let’s put all this advice into action and show you how you can use Flight Search to find a frugal flight this New Year’s Eve. Let’s say you live in Denver and you want to watch the ball drop in the famed Times Square. In this example, our “TIP” shows you how you can save over $100 by departing a day earlier and returning a day later.

By looking at the calendar and lowest fares graph, you’ll see you can save even more if you arrive on New Year’s Eve and extend your stay a little.

While we can’t guarantee these low fares will last for long, we hope these money-saving tips and features have inspired your sense of wanderlust. What are you waiting for? Use Flight Search to figure out the best flight deals and book your New Years Eve getaway.

*The above data was obtained on December 15, 2014 by using Google Flight Search for 2-10 day trips, with departure dates of December 26th through December 31st.

Source: Google Travel