Target Spend Migration for Maximize Clicks Bid Strategies

Starting January 18, 2021, we will start migrating Maximize Clicks bid strategies that still utilize the deprecated target_spend setting to use campaign daily budget pacing instead. This follows last year’s sunset of the target_spend field for Maximize Clicks. After that sunset went into effect, Google Ads has prevented users from creating any new Maximize Clicks strategies that have a target_spend setting.

What’s changing

As part of this migration, any Maximize Clicks bid strategies that still use the target_spend setting may have their maximum CPC bid limit lowered to minimize the performance impact that may result from this change. This would affect the following API fields:

Fields whose values may be lowered as part of the January 18, 2021, migration:
AdWords API Google Ads API
TargetSpendBiddingScheme.bidCeiling TargetSpend.cpc_bid_ceiling_micros

What you can do

You can avoid the above changes by removing the target spend setting on your campaigns’ bidding strategies before January 18, 2021. To do so, unset the following field (set its value to 0) on any existing Maximize Clicks bid strategies:

Fields to unset (set to 0) to avoid the migration:
AdWords API Google Ads API
TargetSpendBiddingScheme.spendTarget TargetSpend.spend_target_micros

If you have any questions or need additional help, contact us via the forum or at [email protected].