Take advantage of engagement metrics and larger file sizes with Enhanced Formats in DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Today, we’re launching Enhanced Formats in DoubleClick Campaign Manager, which allow media agencies to easily add engagement reporting to their standard banner ads and upload larger creative files (such as HTML5 creatives) to DoubleClick Campaign Manager directly. 

Digital advertising has moved beyond the impression and the click -- consumers can now interact with ads in more nuanced ways and advertisers need to be able to measure and understand these interactions. As digital creative becomes more interactive and built for multi-screen, it is also challenging publishers’ website specifications with larger and more complex files. Enhanced Formats provide an easy and inexpensive tool, built into your existing DoubleClick Campaign Manager workflow, that allows you to ensure all of your digital ads are built to accommodate the changing realities of the modern web.

Measure user engagement and interaction for every digital ad you create 
With Enhanced Formats, you can add basic engagement metrics and multiple exit links to your standard banner ads automatically. These will let you track metrics such as interaction rate, display time, the number of times people click on different exit links in your creative, and the breakdown of impressions that occur on various versions of your creative (back-up image vs. HTML5 vs. Flash.) 

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Enhanced banner in the DoubleClick Campaign Manager dropdown menu

Upload larger files sizes, such as HTML5 files
Instead of compressing your HD assets to meet publishers’ specifications, add a polite load image and load your heavy file after the rest of the website loads. That way you preserve your high-res assets without violating publisher specs. Because many HTML5 ads require larger file sizes, the polite load is essential for running mobile-compatible ads. You’ll also be able to pay a fixed price for your assets, rather than paying “by the KB,” so you’ll know exactly what to expect when invoices show up.

Upload mixed mode creative
Instead of showing a static backup image when Flash isn’t compatible, show a more robust HTML5 ad. Enhanced Formats support mixed mode creatives (creatives that include Flash, HTML5 and backup image assets.) DoubleClick automatically renders the correct assets, based on the end user’s environment. Metrics for each type of asset are available in the reporting tab. 

Fewer steps; elegant execution and reporting
We’ve simplified the steps needed to “enhance” your banners and built everything into the existing DoubleClick Campaign Manager workflow. 
  • Add multiple exits: DoubleClick automatically creates exits for the clicktags in a creative and lets you customize the reporting label for each exit. You only have to traffic one creative (as opposed to a creative for every clicktag), and you get all the exits alongside the rest of your metrics in the reporting tab. 
  • Batch upload: Upload a zip file full of assets and DoubleClick will automatically detect which assets go with which creative. Enhanced banners will be created for larger assets in the zip, and flash or HTML5 formats will be created for smaller assets in the zip. 
Less expensive than full rich media
With Enhanced Formats, you get access to engagement metrics, polite load, and larger file sizes at a lower cost. 

To add Enhanced Formats to DoubleClick Campaign Manager, please contact your account manager. Note that Enhanced Formats are only available in DoubleClick Campaign Manager, so if you’re still using DFA, ask your account manager about upgrading to DoubleClick Campaign Manager first. 

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Posted by Jordan Sumerlus, Product Manager, DoubleClick