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Google Summer of Code 2024 contributor applications are open!

We are thrilled to announce that the Contributor applications for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024 are now open! If you are a Student or a beginner in open source software development and 18+ years old, we hope you will apply. The application period opened March 18th at 18:00 UTC and closes April 2nd at 18:00 UTC.

This year we are celebrating the 20th year of Google Summer of Code! During GSoC, contributors will spend 12+ weeks writing code and learning more about open source software development under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Since 2005, GSoC has welcomed thousands of new developers into the open source community every year. The GSoC program has brought together over 20,000 contributors from 116 countries and 19,000 mentors from 850+ open source organizations.

This year we have added more projects focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Security than ever before; keep in mind the following points before applying:

  • Consider the three project sizes: ~90 hours, ~175 hours, and ~350 hours and choose which time commitment is best for you.
  • Contributors can submit a maximum of 3 project proposals (to different orgs or even multiple proposals to the same org).

With GSoC contributor applications now open, please review these helpful tips to guide your application:

  • Read the program rules, FAQ, contributor guide, and advice for applying and join us in our Discord chat Channel to connect with the community.
  • Review the list of 195 mentoring organizations and use filters to sort by your interests including programming language (python, Rust, etc.) and category (data, development tools, artificial intelligence, infrastructure and cloud, security, etc.).
  • Narrow down your list to 2-4 organizations and review their ideas list.
  • Reach out to the organizations via their contact methods listed on the GSoC site immediately.
  • Engage with the organization early and often, good communication is key! You must talk to the organization about your proposal before the application period ends if you want to be accepted into the program.
  • Watch our Intro to GSoC video, as well as the GSoC Org Highlight videos and Community Talks series, to get inspired about projects that contributors have worked on in the past.

Interested contributors may register and submit project proposals on the GSoC site from now until Tuesday, April 2nd at 18:00 UTC.

Best of luck to all our applicants!

By Stephanie Taylor, Program Manager, and Lucila Ortiz, Associate Program Manager for the Google Open Source Programs Office

Mentor organizations announced for Google Summer of Code 2024

We are thrilled to share that we have 195 open source projects that have been selected for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024! This year we are excited to welcome 30 new organizations for their first year as part of the program.

Check out our program site to view the complete list of GSoC 2024 accepted mentoring organizations. Get to know more about each organization on their GSoC program page, which includes reading through the project ideas that they are looking for GSoC contributors to work on this year.

Are you interested in being a GSoC Contributor?

The 2024 GSoC program is open to students and to beginners in open source software development. Contributor applications will open on Monday, March 18, 2024 at 18:00 UTC with a deadline of Tuesday, April 2, 2024 18:00 UTC to submit your application (including your project proposal).

If you are eager to enhance your chances of becoming a successful contributor this year, we highly recommend beginning your preparations and initiating communication with the organizations that interest you right away. Below are some tips for prospective GSoC contributors to accomplish before the application period begins March 18th:

  • Watch our ‘Introduction to GSoC’ video to see a quick overview of the program, and view our Community Talks or Org Highlight Videos to get inspired and learn more about some projects that contributors have worked on in the past.
  • Check out the Contributor Guide (so much great info in here!) and Advice for Applying to GSoC doc.
  • Review the list of accepted organizations here. We recommend finding two to four that interest you and reading through their project ideas lists. Use the filters on the site to help you narrow down based on the programming languages you are familiar with and the categories that interest you (cloud, AI, security, science, etc.).
  • As soon as you see an idea that sparks your interest, reach out to the organization via their preferred communication methods (listed on their org page on the GSoC program site). The earlier you start the conversation, the better your chances of being accepted as a GSoC contributor.
  • Talk with the mentors and community to determine if this project idea is something you would enjoy working on during the program. Find a project that excites you, otherwise it may be a challenging summer for you and your mentor.
  • Use the information you received during your communications with the mentors and other org community members to write up your proposal.

You can find more information about the program on our website which includes a full timeline of important dates. We also urge anyone interested in applying to read the FAQ and Program Rules and watch some of our other videos with more details about GSoC for contributors and mentors.

A hearty welcome—and thank you—to all of our mentor organizations. We look forward to working with all of you during this 20th year of Google Summer of Code!

By By Stephanie Taylor – Google Open Source

Google Summer of Code 2024 Mentor Organization Applications Now Open

We are excited to announce that open source projects and organizations can now apply to participate as mentor organizations in the 2024 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program. Applications for organizations will close on February 6, 2024 at 18:00 UTC.

We are celebrating a big milestone as we head into our 20th year of Google Summer of Code this year! In 2024 we are adding a third project size option which you can read more about in our announcement blog post.

Does your open source project want to learn more about becoming a mentor organization? Visit the program site and read the mentor guide to learn what it means to be a mentor organization and how to prepare your community (hint: have plenty of excited, dedicated mentors and well thought out project ideas!).

We welcome all types of organizations and are very eager to involve first-time mentor orgs in GSoC. We encourage new organizations to get a referral from experienced organizations that think they would be a good fit to participate in GSoC.

The open source projects that participate in GSoC as mentor organizations span many fields including those doing interesting work in AI/ML, security, cloud, development tools, science, medicine, data, media, and more! Projects can range from being relatively new (about 2 years old) to well established projects that started over 20 years ago. We welcome open source projects big, small, and everything in between.

This year we are looking to bring more open source projects in the AI/ML field into GSoC 2024. If your project is in the artificial intelligence or machine learning fields please chat with your community and see if you would be interested in applying to GSoC 2024.

One thing to remember is that open source projects wishing to apply need to have a solid community; the goal of GSoC is to bring new contributors into established and welcoming communities. While you don’t have to have 50+ community members, the project also can’t have as few as three people.

You can apply to be a mentor organization for GSoC starting today on the program site. The deadline to apply is February 6, 2024 at 18:00 UTC. We will publicly announce the organizations chosen for GSoC 2024 on February 21st.

Please visit the program site for more information on how to apply and review the detailed timeline for important deadlines. We also encourage you to check out the Mentor Guide, our ‘Intro to Google Summer of Code’ video, and our short video on why open source projects are excited to be a part of the GSoC program.

Good luck to all open source mentor organization applicants!

By Stephanie Taylor, Program Manager – Google Open Source Programs Office

Google Summer of Code 2023 Final Results!

On November 17th, we wrapped up our 2023 Google Summer of Code program where 903 contributors completed open source projects for 168 OSS organizations. This year 70% (628) of the successful 2023 contributors opted for a 12-week project, while the remaining 30% (275) completed their GSoC work over the past few weeks. That being said, many contributors choose to continue involvement in the OSS community after finishing their GSoC projects. GSoC is typically just one small chapter in a contributor's lifetime open source journey.

This certainly was one of our most enthusiastic groups of mentors & GSoC contributors yet. We were able to host multiple virtual check-ins where contributors had the chance to ask GSoC Administrators questions and get live reminders and advice regarding the program and its milestones, the response to these sessions was overwhelming with one session having over 60% of 2023 GSoC contributors attending. Our final virtual event as part of this series was a multi-day ‘Contributor Talks’ Series where 43 participants had the chance to give three minute Lightning Talks about their GSoC projects.

Quick GSOC 2023 by the Numbers: 99% of 2023 orgs say that GSoC has value for their organization, 83% of 2023 contributors said they would consider being a mentor, 30% of 2023 contributors said that GSoC has already helped them with a job offer, 99.8% of 2023 contributors plan to continue working on open source, 88%
of 2023 contributors were first-time GSoC contributors meaning 12% had participated in GSOC before, 96.25% of contributors said they would apply to GSoC again.
In 2023, GSoC contributors rated their GSOC experience as 3.79/4. Mentors gave their GSoC contributor's overall performance a 4.41/5.

Our mentors and GSoC contributors spent a lot of time giving us invaluable feedback from the program so we wanted to share a few top insights below. Their comments help us to keep the program relevant and to continue to meet the needs of open source communities and new open source contributors.

Advice for future contributors

As we head into our 20th year of GSoC, we wanted to highlight some of the advice that the 2023 GSoC contributors offered to future contributors. Much of the advice falls into the themes of:

    • Communicate early and often with mentors.
    • Take the time in February as soon as orgs are announced to find the right org and choose a project you are excited about, it will make the program much more enjoyable.
    • Set realistic goals and break tasks into milestones.
    • Be open to learning! Open source can seem intimidating but you have amazing mentors and the community there encouraging and supporting you.

We welcomed 18 new mentoring organizations this year, many of which were able to attend our Mentor Summit on Google’s campus a few weeks ago.

In 2023, 10.15% of GSoC contributors were non-students. This was the second year since we opened up the program to non-students. We hope to continue to have more potential GSoC contributors who are changing careers or not currently enrolled in academic programs join the program.

“My advice is to just go for it. I'm a thirty-something career-changer who doesn't have a technical background; at times, I doubt myself and my ability to transition into a more technical field. During GSoC, I was paired with knowledgeable, friendly, engaging mentors who trusted me to get the work done. It was empowering, and I did work that I'm extremely proud of. To anyone in my shoes who may be afraid to take the plunge, I highly encourage them to do so. Seriously - if I can do it, anyone can."
      – brittneyjuliet, GSoC’23 Contributor

Favorite part of GSoC

GSoC contributors have shared their favorite parts of GSoC with some very common themes:

    • Working on real-world projects that thousands/millions of people actually use and rely on
    • Interacting with experienced developers and truly being part of an enthusiastic, welcoming community
    • Making a difference
    • Gaining overall skills and confidence to boost their careers that can’t be obtained from classrooms alone

How GSoC improved their programming skills

95.5% of contributors believe GSoC improved their programming skills. The most common responses to how GSoC improved their skills were:

    • Practical experience. Applying programming concepts and techniques to real projects.
    • Learning to write cleaner, more maintainable code.
    • Enhanced problem solving skills.
    • Project management - learned how to break large, complex problems into smaller, organized tasks.
    • Learning to understand complex codebases.
    • Learning new concepts and technologies.
    • Engaging in code reviews with mentors regularly helped to grasp industry best practices.

We want to thank all of our mentors, organization administrators, and GSoC contributors for a rewarding and smooth GSoC 2023. The excitement from our GSoC contributors throughout the program and our mentors at the recent Mentor Summit was palpable. Thank you all for the time and energy you put in to make open source communities stronger and sustainable.

GSoC 2024 will be open for organization applications from January 22–February 6, 2024. We will announce the 2024 accepted GSoC organizations February 21 on the program site: g.co/gsoc. GSoC contributor applications will be open March 18–April 2, 2024.

By Stephanie Taylor, Program Manager, and Perry Burnham, Associate Program Manager for the Google Open Source Programs Office

Google Summer of Code 2024 Celebrating our 20th Year!

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) will be celebrating its 20th anniversary with our upcoming 2024 program. Over the past 19 years we have welcomed over 19,000 new contributors to open source through the program under the guidance of 19,000+ mentors from over 800 open source organizations in a wide range of fields.

We are honored and thrilled to keep GSoC’s mission of bringing new contributors into open source communities alive for 20 years. Open source communities thrive when they have new contributors with fresh, exciting ideas and the renewed energy they bring to these communities. Mentorship is a vital way to keep these new contributors coming into the open source ecosystem where they can see collaboration at its finest from their community members all across the world, all with different backgrounds and skills working towards a common goal.

With just over a week left in the 2023 program, we have had one of our most enthusiastic groups of GSoC contributors with 841 GSoC contributors completing their projects with 159 open source organizations. There are 68 GSoC contributors wrapping up their projects. A GSoC 2023 wrap up blog post will be coming late this month with stats and quotes from our contributors and mentors.

Our contributors and mentors have given us invaluable feedback and we are making one adjustment around project time commitment/project scope. For the 2024 program, there will be three options for project scope: medium at ~175 hours, large at ~350 hours and a new size: small at ~90 hours. The idea is to remove the barrier of available time that many potential contributors have and open the program to people who want to learn about open source development but can’t dedicate all or even half of their summer to the program.

As a reminder, GSoC 2024 is open to students and to beginners in open source software development that are over the age of 18 at time of registration.

Interested in applying to the Google Summer of Code Program?

Open Source Organizations

Check out our website to learn what it means to be a participating mentor organization. Watch the GSoC Org Highlight videos and get inspired about projects that contributors have worked on in the past.

Take a look through our mentor guide to learn about what it means to be part of Google Summer of Code, how to prepare your community, gather excited mentors, create achievable project ideas, and tips for applying. We welcome all types of open source organizations and encourage you to apply—it is especially exciting for us to welcome new orgs into the program and we hope you are inspired to get involved with our growing community. In 2024, we look forward to accepting more artificial intelligence/machine learning open source organizations.

Want to be a GSoC Contributor?

New to open source development or a student? Eager to gain experience on real-world software development projects used by thousands of people? It is never too early to start thinking about what kind of open source organization you’d like to learn more about and how the application process works!

Watch our ‘Introduction to GSoC’ video to see a quick overview of the program. Read through our contributor guide for important tips from past participants on preparing your proposal, what to think about if you wish to apply for the program, and explore our website for other resources. Continue to check for more information about the 2024 program once the 2023 program ends later this month.

Please share information about the 2024 GSoC program with your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone you think may be interested in joining our community. We are excited to welcome new contributors and mentoring organizations to celebrate the 20th year of Google Summer of Code!

By Stephanie Taylor – Program Manager, Google Open Source Programs Office

GSoC 2023: project results and feedback part 1

In 2023, Google Summer of Code brought 966 new contributors into open source software development to work with open source organizations on a 12+ week project. We had 168 participating open source organizations with mentors and contributors from over 75 countries this year.

For 19 years, Google Summer of Code has thrived due to the enthusiasm of our open source communities and the 19k+ volunteer mentors that spend from 50-150 hours mentoring each of our 20k contributors since 2005! This year, there are 168 mentoring organizations and over 1,950 mentors participating in the 2023 program. A sincere thank you to our mentors and organization administrators for guiding and supporting our contributors this year. We are also looking forward to hosting many of the 2023 GSoC Mentors on campus this fall for the annual Mentor Summit.

September 4th concluded the standard 12-week project timeline and we are pleased to announce that 628 contributors have successfully completed this year’s program as of today, September 5th, 2023. Congratulations to all the contributors and mentors that have wrapped up their summer coding projects!

2023 has shown us that GSoC continues to grow in popularity with students and developers 19 years after the program began. GSoC had a record high 5,679 contributor applicants from 106 countries submit their project proposals this year. We also had huge interest in the program with over 43,765 registrants from 160 countries applying to the program during the two week application period.

The final step of every GSoC program is to hear back from mentors and contributors on their experiences through evaluations. This helps GSoC Admins continuously improve the program and gives us a chance to see the impact the program has on so many individuals! Some notable results and comments from the standard 12-week project length evaluations are below:

  • 95.63% of contributors think that GSoC helped their programming skills
  • 99.06% of contributors would recommend their GSoC mentors
  • 97.81% of contributors will continue working with their GSoC organization
  • 99.84% of contributors plan to continue working on open source
  • 82.81% of contributors said they would consider being a mentor
  • 96.25% of contributors said they would apply to GSoC again

Here’s some of what our GSoC 2023 Contributors had to say about the program!

At the suggestion of last year’s contributors, we added multiple live talks throughout the coding period to bring contributors together, providing tips to help them make the most of their GSoC experience. Each of these talks were attended on average by 42% of the 2023 GSoC contributors.

Another request from our previous contributors was to hear more about the cool projects their colleagues did over the summer and the opportunity to talk about their own projects with others. Over the coming weeks we are hosting three lightning talk sessions where over 40 of the 2023 contributors will have the opportunity to present their project learnings to the other contributors and their mentors.

We’ll be back in a couple of months to give a final update on the GSoC projects that will conclude later this year. Almost 30% of contributors (286 contributors) are still completing their projects, so please stay tuned for their results in part two of this blog post later this year!

By Perry Burnham – Google Open Source