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Interview with Argentinian Type Designer Pablo Impallari

Pablo Impallari's Lobster font is one of the most popular fonts on the web. Its exciting design, excellent OpenType features, constant development and inclusion in the launch of Google Web Fonts last year have made it a favourite for millions of people.

Pablo continues to actively design and release his own typefaces and help other designers learn and publish new fonts. You can see all his fonts and read more about Pablo on his Google Profile.

Q: What inspired you to create the Dancing Script font?

I love scripts, both formal and casual. For Dancing Script, my inspiration came from the many casual scripts of the 1950s. "Murray Hill" and "Mistral" were the two main references.

Q: Did you try to accomplish something specific with this font, and did you succeed?

I wanted to create an informal flowing script where the letters bounce up and down the baseline. And to keep it friendly and legible at the same time.

Q: What kinds of documents are most appropriate for this font?

Any place where Arial and Times New Roman look boring. Informal invitations, party flyers, Happy Birthday cards... you name it! Its better to use it together with sans-serif fonts, so the spontaneous effect is enhanced through visual contrast.

Q: Designing a new font is a long journey. What inspires you to keep motivated throughout all the different stages?

If you look at the whole picture, thinking that you have to complete more than 200 glyphs, that can be overwhelming. But if you goes one letter at the time you get little "Eureka moments" each time you get finish a glyph. That motivates me to move on to the next one. Also, being able to write more words every time a new letter is added feels fantastic.

Q: What is your favourite part of the type design process, and why?

Designing the lowercase letters. Don't really know why... maybe because this is where everything else is defined.

Q: Can you recommend how other type designers can learn the skills involved in making a font like this?

Doyald Young's books are mind blowing. I encourage everyone to buy them. Sadly Doyald passed away recently and he surely will be missed!

Q: What are your favourite fonts, and why?

So many...

Young Galland and Young Finesse from Doyald Young, they are just perfect!

Montague Script from Stephen Rapp, its a truly lively script.

Pooper Black and Sneacy from Michael Clark, for the same reason.

Cabazon from Jim Parkinson, a legible, friendly Blackletter.

Tyffany and Ronaldson, for they spikey caps.

I can continue forever... There is always something to love in almost every typeface.

Q: What do you think could be improved about the type design process?

Hinting TrueType fonts is very hard to do. On Type 1 or OpenType-CFF fonts, that was not really a big problem since their hinting is much easier and looks much better. But since TrueType fonts are coming back for the web, TrueType hinting is important once again. This is my new reason to hate IE. Having a nice TrueType autohinter would be great!