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Introducing IMA SDK and Google Cast examples

Have you ever asked yourself, Can I use the IMA SDK and Google Cast together to display videos with ads on a cast-enabled device? The answer is, yes you can!

We’ve put together a new section of guides and examples that show you how to add cast support to your IMA SDK implementation. They also explain the logic behind requesting ads on the sender and receiver devices. We’ve included both Androidand iOSexample sender apps, and an example HTML5receiver.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the Google Cast SDK as well as the IMA SDKs for Android, iOSand HTML5before diving into these examples.

If you have any questions about these examples, feel free to contact us via the support forum.

New Google Cast SDK released for Android and iOS

Posted by Adam Champy, Product Manager for Google Cast SDK

Google Cast makes it easy for developers to extend their mobile experience to the most beautiful screens and speakers in the home.

At Google I/O, we announced our new Google Cast SDK. This new SDK focuses on making development for Cast quicker, more reliable, and easier to maintain. We’ve introduced full state management that helps you implement the right abstraction between your app and Google Cast. We’ve also delivered a full Cast user experience, matching the Google Cast design checklist.

Today we are releasing this SDK for Android and iOS Senders, including an introductory video, full documentation, and reference sample apps and codelab tutorials for both platforms. Initial developer feedback is that first-time implementations can save significant development time compared with our previous SDKs.

A few things we’ve announced will be coming in the next few months, including a customizable Expanded Controller and adding customization to the Mini Controller, to help accelerate development even further.

Drop by our Cast developer site to learn about the new SDK and APIs, and join our developer community on Google+ at g.co/googlecastdev to discuss this with other developers.