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Announcing v201908 of the Google Ad Manager API

We're happy to announce that v201908 of the Google Ad Manager API is available starting today. There are several highly requested features in this new version of the API.

  • You can now access “Advertiser (Classified)” and “Brand (Classified)” dimensions through the API.
  • We’ve also added the dimensions and metrics for calculating video sell-through.

  • Programmatic LineItems and ProposalLineItems now have an allowedFormats field, which gives publishers more control over what types of creatives a buyer can add.

  • You can now use the slateCreativeId field to programmatically set live stream slates, which are shown during gaps in a live stream ad break that cannot be filled with a dynamically served ad.

The release notes contain the full list of API changes for v201908.

If you have questions about these or any other API changes, reach out to us on the Ad Manager API forums.