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Sunset of the Ad Manager API v201805

On Friday, May 31, 2019, in accordance with the deprecation schedule, v201805 of the Ad Manager API will be sunset. At that time, any requests made to this version will return errors.

If you’re using any of Google’s client libraries, you should allow extra time to migrate off of v201805, since it was the last version before the DFP API became the Google Ad Manager API. For details on what’s changed, each client library has a migration guide: Java, Python, .NET, PHP, and Ruby.

When you’re ready to upgrade, check the release notes to identify any breaking changes (such as the change to the capitalization of DateTime.timeZoneId in v201811). Then, grab the latest version of your client library and update your code. As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us on the developer forum with any questions.

To be notified of future sunsets, join the Ad Manager API Sunset Announcements group and adjust your notification settings. If you are an administrator on your network, you can also receive notifications when an application is making requests to your network using a deprecated version, as explained in this post.