Solutions guide: How to secure rendering workloads on GCP

In the world of visual effects, security and content protection is on everyone's mind. Ensuring the security of intellectual property as it moves through your production pipeline is essential to being awarded jobs from major Hollywood studios. Data must be encrypted at all times, access to resources must be carefully controlled, and any changes must be logged, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Today, we're happy to present a best practices guide to Securing Rendering Workloads on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This guide, coupled with Google Cloud’s security, core compliance and MPAA best practices, is aimed at visual effects facilities that need to pass security compliance audits. That said, any organization concerned with cloud security will benefit from its recommendations.

This document will evolve along with GCP's security features. We'll add and update content as we update and introduce products to help secure your data.

We hope you find this guide useful and concise. Please tell us what you think, and be sure to sign up for a trial at no cost to learn more about securing your workloads on the cloud.