Solution guide: Best practices for migrating Virtual Machines

Migrating to the cloud can be a challenging project for any sized company. There are many different considerations in migrations, but one of the core tasks is to migrate virtual machines. Due to the variety of hardware, hypervisors and operating systems in use today, this can be a complex and daunting prospect.

The customer engineering team at Google Cloud has helped a number of customers migrate to GCP - customers like Spotify and Evernote. Based on those experiences and our understanding of how our own cloud works, we've released an article describing our recommended best practices on migrating virtual machines.

One of the tools that can help customers move to Google Cloud is CloudEndure. CloudEndure powers the Google VM Migration Service, and can simplify the process of moving virtual machines. CloudEndure joined us in this article with practical case studies of migrations that they've done for various customers.

We hope you find this article helpful while migrating to the cloud. If you decide to use the Migration Service, take a look at our tutorial to help guide you through the process.