Sculpt, sketch and see the world in new cultural games

Creating new and engaging ways for you to learn about the world's art, culture, and history has always been the focus of the creative coders and artists in residence at the Google Arts & Culture Lab. Play can be an incredible vehicle for learning which is why in 2021 the team launched “Play with Arts & Culture”, a series of puzzle and trivia games that made it fun to discover and learn about cultural treasures from our partners’ collections. Today, you are invited to try four new games which will challenge you to learn through play. Simply visit or press the Play tab (it looks like this ?) within the Google Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS .

Set your personal best score

All four of these games will let you earn and save High Scores. If you’re logged in to Google Arts & Culture, your best score for each game will be automatically saved and synced across your devices and displayed on the Play page so you never lose track of your personal best. When you beat your record, a congratulatory notification will let you share your high score with friends and challenge them to do better.

We hope you’ll have a lot of fun discovering Arts & Culture through our latest collection of games and learn something interesting along the way. Get playing and start setting your high scores today at or in the Play tab (it looks like this ?) on the Google Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS.