Reminder: Upgrade to the latest versions of GAPS, GADS, and GAMME before April 20, 2015

As previously communicated, please note that all customers using Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS), Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS), or Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange® (GAMME) should be sure to upgrade to the latest versions prior to April 20, 2015:

Required Upgrades
Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS) Version 1.3
Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS) Version 4.0.3
Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange® (GAMME) Version 4.1

Older versions of these tools will stop functioning after April 20, 2105 due to their dependencies on discontinued APIs.

Release track:
Rapid release and Scheduled release

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Note: all launches are applicable to all Google Apps editions unless otherwise noted

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