Prototyping Ideas: Simple ways to bring the magic of interactive concepts to life

Prototyping is Adland’s new buzzword. And with good reason: It works.

Prototyping is the art of showing instead of telling.  In the ad industry, it’s been part of the creative process for years.  But as the media has changed, so have the methods.  While storyboards and sketches still play an important role, they were originally developed to illustrate print and TV concepts, not interactive experiences, and they often fail when it comes to showing the ways technology can amplify an idea.  So creatives have had to get a lot more, well, creative.  It is in this spirit that we decided to explore how brands and agencies are quickly and creatively bringing interactive concepts to life, and we’re excited to share what we learned in a new collection of materials on Think Insights.  

In “Prototyping for Success, Power and Unlimited Riches,” Creative Labs’ Ben Malbon and Iain Tait share their perspective on how prototypes can help you articulate the richness and magic of interactive experiences, and create the emotional connection needed to sell an idea through.  If sight, sound and motion move you more than words do, check out the new video series “4 Simple Ways To Bring an Idea to Life.”  You’ll hear compelling stories about adventures in prototyping-land, such as how a multiplayer social gaming experience started life as a highly technical question and a couple of simple Quicktime videos.  

Why prototype your ideas?  Because, as these examples show, often the first step in getting something made is not to show people that it can be done, but to get people excited enough about the idea to want it to get done.

Posted by: Samantha Podos Nowak, Marketing Manager, Agency Marketing