Monitor user logins, storage consumption and apps usage with the Admin SDK

Security is a top priority for Google, just as it is for many of our Google Apps customers. As a domain administrator, a big part of keeping your users safe is knowing when and how they are using their accounts. Since we launched the Admin SDK Reports API in June, we've continued to add features to let you more easily visualize Google Apps' usage and security in your domain. These new features include:

Security Reports

  • Login audit—View all web browser based logins with IP information for all users in your domain. You can use this data to monitor all successful, failed, and suspicious logins in your domain.
  • Authorized applications—View a list of third-party applications that users in your domain have shared data with. Gain visibility into how many users are accessing each application. Revoke access to specific apps using the security tab on Admin console.

Usage Reports

  • Storage quota—View user-level quota usage. This is available both as total usage and split by Gmail, Drive and Google+ photos for every user in the domain. Monitor which users are nearing their quota limits and acquire more storage if necessary.
  • Google+ usage—View 1-day, 7-day and 30-day active Google+ usage in your domain. See the number of Hangouts attended by users in your domain.

Refer to the Reports API documentation for more details on how to use the Reports API and to see what is possible with all of our entire Admin SDK.

Rishi Dhand profile

Rishi Dhand is a Product Manager on the Google Apps for Business team. In addition to working on data migration features, he also works on the Google Apps administration platform with focus on building new security and admin reporting features. In his free time, he enjoys playing squash and badminton.