Privacy Week for Android Developers

Posted by Marcel Pinto , Developer Relations Engineer, Android

Android is secure by default and private by design. The platform is focused on bringing the best experiences and latest innovations to users, while keeping them safe by protecting their security and privacy.

But that’s not enough. As Android developers, we have a unique opportunity to shape the privacy landscape for millions of users. With the increasing importance of data privacy, it's crucial for developers to understand the best practices for protecting user information in their apps while providing a great user experience.

During the Privacy Week for Android Developers, we will focus on the steps that you, the developer, can take to ensure that your apps are secure and privacy-conscious. From coding techniques to data storage and management, we'll explore the essential elements of Android privacy that every developer should know. We’ll also highlight several upcoming changes in Android 14.

What to expect this week?

  • Daily new content with guides, tips, and news
  • Guidance regarding the principles of permissions and how to minimize data and location access
  • Updates about Android 14’s privacy-related changes
  • …and more!


Let’s start?

First, start by bookmarking the new Design For Safety landing page. This redesigned hub will help you navigate through all the changes and quickly find guides, best practices, and policy updates.

design for safety hub screenshot. The section about the Android changes timeline appears in the screenshot.In addition, to make it easier for developers to follow privacy principles, we have created a cheat-sheet for you:
Privacy cheat-sheet for Android Developers
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For those who like a more hands-on experience, we recently published a new codelab that covers the major privacy topics and how your app can adapt them.

Android Privacy Codelab screenshot showing the steps and the intro page

And last but not least, don’t forget to check our video resources:

With special highlight to:

Stay tuned, there is more to come this week!