Now shipping: ultramem machine types with up to 4TB of RAM

Today we are announcing the general availability of Google Compute Engine “ultramem” memory-optimized machine types. You can provision ultramem VMs with up to 160 vCPUs and nearly 4TB of memory--the most vCPUs you can provision on-demand in any public cloud. These ultramem machine types are great for running memory-intensive production workloads such as SAP HANA, while leveraging the performance and flexibility of Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The ultramem machine types offer the most resources per VM of any Compute Engine machine type, while supporting Compute Engine’s innovative differentiators, including:

SAP-certified for OLAP and OLTP workloads

Since we announced our partnership with SAP in early 2017, we’ve rapidly expanded our support for SAP HANA with new memory-intensive Compute Engine machine types. We’ve also worked closely with SAP to test and certify these machine types to bring you validated solutions for your mission-critical workloads. Our supported VM sizes for SAP HANA now meet the broad range of Google Cloud Platform’s customers’ demands. Over the last year, the size of our certified instances grew by more than 10X for both scale-up and scale-out deployments. With up to 4TB of memory and 160 vCPUs, ultramem machine types are the largest SAP-certified instances on GCP for your OLAP and OLTP workloads.
Maximum memory per node and per cluster for SAP HANA on GCP, over time

We also offer other capabilities to manage your HANA environment on GCP including automated deployments, and Stackdriver monitoring. Click here for a closer look at the SAP HANA ecosystem on GCP.

Up to 70% discount for commited use

We are also excited to share that GCP now offers deeper committed use discounts of up to 70% for memory-optimized machine types, helping you improve your total cost of ownership (TCO) for sustained, predictable usage. This allows you to control costs through a variety of usage models: on-demand usage to start testing machine types, committed use discounts when you are ready for production deployments, and sustained use discounts for mature, predictable usage. For more details on committed use discounts for these machine types check our docs, or use the pricing calculator to assess your savings on GCP.

GCP customers have been doing exciting things with ultramem VMs

GCP customers have been using ultramem VMs for a variety of memory-intensive workloads including in-memory databases, HPC applications, and analytical workloads.

Colgate has been collaborating with SAP and Google Cloud as an early user of ultramem VMs for S/4 HANA.

"As part of our partnership with SAP and Google Cloud, we have been an early tester of Google Cloud's 4TB instances for SAP solution workloads. The machines have performed well, and the results have been positive. We are excited to continue our collaboration with SAP and Google Cloud to jointly create market changing innovations based upon SAP Cloud Platform running on GCP.”
- Javier Llinas, IT Director, Colgate

Getting started

These ultramem machine types are available in us-central1, us-east1, and europe-west1, with more global regions planned soon. Stay up-to-date on additional regions by visiting our available regions and zones page.

It’s easy to configure and provision n1-ultramem machine types programmatically, as well as via the console. To learn more about running your SAP HANA in-memory database on GCP with ultramem machine types, visit our SAP page, and go to the GCP Console to get started.