New features in AdWords scripts

Today we're announcing the launch of a few new features in AdWords scripts:
  • Support for reporting version v201806
  • Multi-file script support
  • Support for final URL suffix for parallel tracking
Support for v201806 of reports has been added. The main features in this reporting version are:
  • New fields for Responsive Search Ads and Multi-Asset Responsive Display Ads.
  • The ClickType and CampaignSubType columns will return new values to reflect changes in product names. The underlying data is unaffected; the rendered value is the only change. For example, the CampaignSubType of "Product Listing Ads" will now be "Shopping ads", and there are similar changes for ClickType.
Read the AdWords API release notes for complete details, including additional features not listed here.

If you use API versioning in your reports, you need to modify your code to use v201806:

var report =, {
apiVersion: 'v201806'
We will also be updating the default reporting version from v201710 to v201802 on July 23, 2018. This will affect you if you do not use API versioning as outlined above.

Multi-File Support
Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out support for scripts with multiple files. This lets you separate your utility logic from your business logic, organize your code however you see fit, and generally produce more maintainable scripts. Please try it out and let us know what you think on the forum!

Parallel Tracking Support
We have added methods to support the final URL suffix for parallel tracking. You can use the new getFinalUrlSuffix, setFinalUrlSuffix, and clearFinalUrlSuffix methods on objects that have final URLs.

As announced earlier this year, starting October 30, 2018, parallel tracking will be required for all AdWords accounts. You can consult the AdWords API documentation on click tracking for more details on how to migrate, as the same concepts apply to scripts. Please make sure to update your scripts before the deadline.

If you have any questions about these changes or AdWords scripts in general, you can post them on our developer forum.