More personalized recommendations with automatic experiments

Today we’ve launched automatic experiments*, the latest addition to our suite of optimization tools.

Enabling this feature allows us to run automatic experiments on a small portion of your traffic and provide you with insightful data about which ads perform best on your site. This could help you optimize your ads and potentially increase your long-term revenue and user engagement on your site**.

To enable automatic experiments on your site, visit the "Experiments" page on your Optimization tab, and switch on "automatic experiments".

The opportunities generated from these experiments will appear in the “Opportunities” page on your Optimization tab. They'll be labelled "verified by experiment,” so you’ll know they’re backed by data and tailored to your site and users.

To learn more, visit the Help Center.

We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Posted by Chris Gamble, Software Engineer

*Automatic experiments will appear in your account if you have enough eligible traffic.
**These suggestions are designed to help you optimize your pages and are not meant to guarantee any specific results. And, just as a reminder, you are responsible for the content and layout of your site. 

Source: Inside AdSense