Manage comments with the YouTube Data API v3

YouTube Sentiment Analysis Demo
Cindy 3 hours ago
I wish my app could manage YouTube comments.

Ibrahim 2 hours ago
Then it's your day today. With the new YouTube Data API (v3) you can now have comments in your app. Just register your application to use the v3 API and then check out the documentation for the  Comments and CommentThreads resources and their methods.

Andy 2 hours ago
+Cindy R u still on v2? U know the v2 API is being deprecated on April 20, and you’ve updated to v3 right?

Andy 1 hour ago
+Ibrahim I can haz client libraries, too?

Ibrahim 30 minutes ago
Yes, there are client libraries for many different programming languages, and there are already Java, PHP, and Python code samples.

Matt 20 minutes ago
My brother had a python and he used to feed it mice. Pretty gross!

Cindy 10 minutes ago
Thanks, +Ibrahim. This is very cool. The APIs Explorer lets you try out sample calls before writing any code, too.

Ibrahim 5 minutes ago
Check out this interactive demo that uses the new comments retrieval feature and Google Prediction APIs. The demo displays audience sentiment against any video by retrieving the video's comments and feeding them to the Cloud Prediction API for the sentiment analysis.