Let Google help you visit the world’s most haunted places… if you dare

Halloween is coming up -- and that means it’s time to get your spook on. Dress up in costumes, tour haunted attractions or visit a real-life haunted house. With a few simple voice prompts and taps, Google can help you plan a trip to some of the spookiest places around.

You might consider visiting the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum -- a 19th century, abandoned asylum in Australia rumored to have nearly 9,000 souls haunting its halls. Or travel to Ireland, in pursuit of Halloween’s Celtic roots. You could visit the Ross Castle -- believed to be one of the most haunted castles in Ireland.

If you’re really daring, you can stay the night in the 1851 Marshall House in Savannah, GA -- where water faucets turn on and off, doorknobs wobble, unseen children are often heard playing in the halls, and staff and guests routinely see men wearing Civil War uniforms.

It’s easy to visit these haunts no matter where you live. Just ask Google to show you flights or begin your search on google.com/flights. You can quickly compare the cost to different destinations, find tips to save money and choose the “best flights” -- based on price and convenience. Live in NYC? A weekend trip to Savannah might be in your future.

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When you’re ready, ask Google to show you the “closest hotels to the Marshall House” and you’ll see a list of nearby hotels, including -- of course -- The Marshall House. You can view photos of the hotel, peruse user reviews and digitally explore the surrounding area with Street View. If you’re dying to stay here, simply tap one of the booking links to complete your reservation.

Now that you’ve seen how frighteningly fast and easy it is, let Google help you plan your next trip.

Source: Google Travel