Learn how Google’s research tools can enhance your content

When you know what the world’s talking about, you can participate in the conversation. But the online world moves quickly, so if you want to keep the crowds coming back to your site, your content needs to move with it.

Google’s News Lab is Google’s effort to empower innovation at the intersection of technology and media. Its mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to build the future of media. An important part of that is ensuring that Google tools are available and easy-to-use for journalists around the world.

Google News Lab offers lessons on how to use Google tools relevant to publishers’ needs. Say something newsworthy at a sports event is grabbing headlines, Google tools can ensure that you’re informed. It’s then over to you to draw on this story and incorporate it into your content.

A great way to keep your finger on the pulse is Google Alerts, a tool that allows you to follow developing stories from your inbox. Simply select the topics you want to follow and have emails sent directly to your inbox any time that Google finds new results for this topic.

Google Alerts removes the need for you to keep checking back on a topic and simplifies the journalistic process by having all your information come from one reliable source. Once you’re using Google Alerts to stay informed about an event, you can ensure that the content on your site stays current and keeps users coming back for more.

If you want to take a more proactive approach, Google Trends gives you access to global data, to power insightful storytelling. One way to use this data could be to look at what users are searching globally. You can select topic areas and drill down into regions for those topics, ensuring that you can take advantage of the data relevant to you and your users to create the most timely and engaging content.

Google tools are designed to help you create great content. The more topical your content, the more likely you are to keep drawing the crowds.

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