It’s now faster than ever to get insights from your Google Forms

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and simply collect information from a group, look no further than Google Forms. Whether you’re getting the team to vote on a name for your next project, or having potential clients register for an event, Forms makes it easy. Back in September we unveiled a sleek new experience for Forms and some new functionality, like adding company logos to your Forms. Today we’re building on that with new features that make the experience even better.

To get a more in-depth view of your responses, you’ll see the new “Individual Responses” tab. This lets you browse through all the answers provided by an individual respondent. You can easily flip between submissions using the scroll buttons.
We’ve also added a couple of new features to help with managing responses: the option for you to receive email notifications each time one of your Forms is filled out and for our Google Apps for Work customers a new view that will show you the response status of each person you sent the form to. If you want to give those last few folks a friendly nudge, there’s an easy Send Reminder Email option.

As with Docs, Sheets and our other collaboration tools, you can tailor the experience by using Add-ons. Starting today, you can use Add-ons and Apps Scripts in the new Forms editor. Popular tools like Form Publisher, Choice Eliminator, and g(Math) for Forms help creators extend the capabilities of Google Forms.

Finally, when you start a new Form (, you’ll see a variety of templates to chose from to get started faster. We’ve got you covered for all kinds of scenarios from event registration and feedback, to job applications and order forms.

Get started with Google Forms today.