Inviting students to participate in Code to Learn contest 2017

Over the years, Computer Science and Programming have evolved and become one of the strongest means of solving real-life problems. Children are exposed to technology much earlier than ever before, and these foundational years are the best time to start nurturing their scientific inquiry and curiosity by teaching them how to use technology to solve problems around them.

In line with this objective, Google India has been running the Code to Learn competition for school students  in India for the last 4 years. The program is now also adopted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India under the Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan.  And we’re delighted to invite students from Class 5 to 10 from any school in India to participate in Google India Code to Learn contest 2017. Parents or Legal Guardians of students can register on the student's behalf on the contest website.

We use Scratch and App Inventor tools both developed at MIT to introduce students to programming and Computer Science in a much more fun and engaging way. Using these tools students create a wide variety of projects that include Games, Animations, Story-telling and even Android apps; without writing even one line of programming language code!

The contest registrations are already open and will stay open till September 10, 2017 which is also the last date for submitting projects. There are links to online tutorials for both Scratch and App Inventor on the contest site and are very easy to learn.

In addition to this, we will also host training programs for teachers who can further teach their students in the classrooms. We are excited about this year's contest, and are looking forward to seeing the innovation and creativity that students will present to us via their projects.

Code to Learn is co-organized by ACM India and IIIT Delhi. ACM is the worldwide society for scientific and educational computing with an aim to advance Computer Science both as a science and as a profession. IIIT Delhi is a research-oriented university based in Delhi.

Posted by Ashwani Sharma, Head of University Relations and Computer Science Outreach