Investment bank Jefferies mobilizes teams with Android

We recently showcased how banks around the world are using Android to work more productively, while maintaining the rigorous security standards required in the financial services industry. One use case where Android helped enable remote working was for personal “Bring Your Own” devices (BYOD). 

At Jefferies, an investment bank based in New York City, 85 percent of their work devices are employee-owned. It’s essential that bankers are able to access corporate apps and data on the go, and the Android work profile has been key to enabling the Android BYODs across the organization.

Jefferies has evolved its mobile strategy to focus on empowering employees to be able to access and use essential internal resources and web apps, and connect in real-time with rich collaboration services. This requirement was critical as senior bankers frequently travel yet still require access to in-house finance systems while away from the office. Transitioning to Android Enterprise enabled the BYOD fleet with single sign-on (SSO) to secure access to corporate resources and achieve a high level of employee efficiency.

Android Enterprise’s work profile allowed Jefferies to enable and connect their global workforce through a BYOD program. “The Android work profile means we can provide secure access to corporate data and apps for the large number of our employees who use their personal devices at work,” says Mittul Mehta, vice president, platform security engineering at Jefferies.

Being able to offer a BYOD strategy has given employees flexibility and choice, and for Jefferies has helped increase user adoption and reduced the training demands on the IT department. IT has seen further efficiencies from a quicker onboarding process (requiring only minutes to set up the device), to fewer tickets submitted by users.

Jefferies uses the managed Google Play store to distribute both web and native apps to its employees. When it comes to accessing legacy apps, Android Enterprise works alongside a solution from Hypergate that provides on-premise SSO authentication to Jefferies’ Windows authentication infrastructure. This allows Jefferies to support a hybrid cloud environment and ensure that the user experience is seamless; employees can use the native Google Chrome app on Android to securely access internal websites wherever they are in the world.

Jefferies’ success with Android has been demonstrable. “[Users are now able to] complete their work on their phone in a fast, effective and secure way,” Mehta says, “while getting reassurance that the work profile data separation means that their personal data stays private.” You can learn more about how Android benefits your organization’s employees at the Android for employees website.