Introducing the Android Design Hub: The ultimate resource for building exceptional user interfaces across all form factors

Posted by Adhithya Ramakumar, Design Lead, Android Developer Experience and Rebecca Gutteridge, Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Android

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We’re introducing the Android Design Hub to make it easier to build compelling UI across form factors.

What is the Android UI design hub?

The design hub is a comprehensive resource with opinionated guidance designed to empower designers and developers like you to create stunning and user-friendly interfaces for Android apps. It's all about sharing takeaways, examples and do’s and don’ts, starter Figma kits, UI samples and inspiring galleries. This is the beginning of a journey we'd love for you to join us on.

Why the Android UI design hub?

A well-designed UI is crucial to the success of an app, and that's why we created a one-stop shop designed to help create outstanding user interfaces across all Android form factors:

The design hub goes into depth about what it means to design for Android, at the same time complementing and extending our Material Design open-source design system. As the Android ecosystem adds an increasing variety of devices, it's more important than ever to create seamless and adaptable experiences for your users. The Android UI Design Hub is your comprehensive resource for mastering the art of designing and implementing UI on a diverse range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to foldables to wearables and TV.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you'll find in the design hub:

Resources organized by form factors

Gain access to a library tailored for each form factor, including guidance, design templates, and sample projects. With these resources at your fingertips, you're well equipped to create exceptional UI experiences for every device category.

moving image of various form factors

Galleries with UI inspiration across form factors

Spark your creativity by exploring our collection of Android app designs for a variety of popular categories of apps such as Social, Productivity, Health & Fitness, Shopping, and more. Get inspired by thoughtfully curated examples and discover design patterns to tackle common design challenges across form factors for

moving image of various Android aopp designs

Design guidelines

Dive into the nitty gritty of Android design principles, learning how to implement high-quality Android designs and understanding app layout with Android system bars, navigation modes, theming, and more. Our comprehensive documentation helps ensure that your app's design adheres to the highest standard and directs you to the latest Material Design guidelines.


Design tools and resources

image of a 6 x 3 grid of illustrated designs

Equip yourself with an extensive selection of design tools, templates, and resources, specially tailored for Android development. Streamline your workflow and bring your app ideas to life more efficiently:

Check out the code samples with their corresponding Figma Kits:

Whether you're an experienced designer or a developer looking to enhance your design skills, the Android Design Hub is here to support and guide you throughout your journey.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Android UI design hub today, and start creating exceptional user interfaces that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. Happy designing! 🚀