Introducing Partner Interconnect, a fast, economical onramp to GCP

If you’re building a link between your data center and Google Cloud, we have three ways to get you there: Cloud VPN over the public internet, Dedicated Interconnect, and now, Partner Interconnect—high-bandwidth connectivity to the nearest Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region through our many partners.

Like Dedicated Interconnect, Partner Interconnect offers private connectivity to GCP to organizations that don't require the full 10Gbps of a dedicated circuit. Partner Interconnect also allows organizations whose data centers are geographically distant from a Google Cloud region or Point of Presence (POP) to connect to GCP, using our partners’ connections.

Connect with who you want, how you want

Partner Interconnect lets you connect to GCP from a convenient location, at a data rate that meets your needs. Partner Interconnect lets you purchase a partial circuit, from 50Mbps to 10Gbps. In contrast, Dedicated Interconnect offers full circuits that are 10Gbps links.

Partner Interconnect also lets you pick from a list of providers to connect from your facility to the nearest Google Cloud POP. At launch, Partner Interconnect is available from partners across the globe, who together provide expansive coverage to GCP.
List of Google partners at launch

Getting up and running with Partner Interconnect is easy, as our partners have already set up and certified the infrastructure with Google Cloud. This provides a turnkey solution that minimizes the effort needed to bring up network connectivity from your data center to GCP.

Built on the Google network

With Partner Interconnect you get access to the GCP network and the global infrastructure that it connects to. We’ve built the GCP network over the last decade, it supports many POPs around the globe and we continue to invest in it to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Once connected to the GCP network, you have access to advanced networking technologies like GCP VPC, which seamlessly gives you a global reach to our distributed data centers across our backbone. No need to have distinct connections to each GCP region—just connect to one of our many partners and we take care of the rest behind the scenes!

GCP’s Global VPC enables access to your entire deployment by connecting to a single region.

Partner Interconnect will be generally available in the coming weeks. You can learn more at the Cloud Interconnect page. And if you’re a service provider who would like to help your customers connect to our cloud, please contact your local Google Cloud representative.