Introducing Firebase Analytics

We’re excited to highlight Google’s next step in mobile app development: Firebase, a unified app platform for Android, iOS and mobile web development. It comes with new tools to help you develop faster, improve app quality, acquire and engage users, and monetize apps. The Firebase platform also comes with Firebase Analytics, a free and unlimited analytics solution for mobile apps.

Firebase Analytics is now Google’s recommended solution for mobile app analytics. It’s user and event-centric and comes with unlimited app event reporting, cross-network attribution, and postbacks. If you’re using Google Analytics for mobile app reporting today, you may want to consider adding Firebase and Firebase Analytics to your app to take advantage of some of its powerful new capabilities.

Google Analytics will continue to support our mobile app analytics functionality and we’ve built a number of ways for clients to use Firebase Analytics with Google Analytics or with Analytics 360 for best-in-class analytics capabilities. If you have both web and app properties, we recommend using Google Analytics for your web analytics and Firebase Analytics for your app analytics.
Many clients may want to keep the app analytics functionality they currently enjoy with Google Analytics in addition to implementing Firebase Analytics. This type of dual implementation is made easy with Tag Manager - allowing you to implement Firebase and then use Tag Manager to send your app data into Google Analytics.

Stay tuned for more detail on Firebase Analytics and enhancements to Google Tag Manager that make mobile app analytics faster and easier than ever.

Happy mobile app analyzing!