Introducing Ad Placements for the Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin

We’re excited to announce a new feature for app developers who use Unity: Ad Placements. It is now available in Open Beta.

What are Ad Placements?

Ad Placements provide a cleaner and more intuitive way to place ad units from Google AdMob in your games. Ad Placements allow developers to add ad units with a Unity Editor interface, making the specification of ad units for your game centralized, re-usable, and decoupled from your scripts.

You can then create Ad GameObjects that reference these Ad Placements entirely from the Unity Editor, which means no need for additional scripts!

Developers don’t need to write code to manage the ad unit. Callback functions and ad unit creation are all managed directly in the Unity UI.

Why use Ad Placements?

We’ve developed Ad Placements to help address the feedback that many of you have shared, which is integrating the Google Mobile Ads Unity plugin APIs requires too much scripting. Now with Ad Placements and their associated Ad GameObjects, implementing Google Mobile Ads into your Unity games should be a lot easier and more intuitive. You can add placements, load ads and show them all from easy-to-use Unity Editor integrations. With this new UI-driven approach, we can help you insert ad placements into your game with almost no additional code.

How do I get started?

See the Ad Placement documentation for a download link to the early access build and instructions to help you get started.

As always, please reach out on our developer forum if you have any questions.