Introducing a New Version of the Email Migration API

Today, we are pleased to announce a new release of the Email Migration API. This version of the API provides a simple RESTful interface with several enhancements that make it even easier to write client applications to migrate email to Google Apps.

This API is now part of our Admin SDK, which is useful for managing applications for Google Apps users through the Google APIs Console. Additionally, the Email Migration API v2 now includes support for:
  • Delegated administrators
  • OAuth 2.0
  • Media uploads
The new API also provides support for migrating additional email metadata (such as folders and labels) from existing email systems into Google Apps. For example, a user’s email stored in a nested folder named engineering/backend-support can be migrated with the label engineering-backend-support to retain the previous organization structure.

For more information about the API, visit the the Getting Started guide or explore the API Reference.

Greg Knoke Google+

Greg Knoke is a technical writer in the Google Drive Developer Relations Team. Prior to joining Google, he worked as a scientist developing image and signal processing algorithms. His current interests include new technologies, content management, information architecture, cooking, music, and photography.