Inbox by Gmail: Saving time with Snooze

Snoozing emails is great because it helps you focus on what you need to do now instead of what you can put off until later. Starting today, Snooze is getting a new look and two time-saving improvements — all based on your feedback.

First, Snooze is getting two highly-requested snooze times: Later this week and This weekend. These new options should hopefully save you some time, and decrease the need to use custom snooze.

Snooze’s new look

Second, just like you can set your preferred morning time to receive emails, you can now choose the weekend days that work best for you.

New weekend setting

This feature is especially useful for people living in places where the weekend spans different days of the week.

Look for these new options in Inbox over the next week. And don’t forget to continue sharing your feedback, so we can keep working on your top requests. Enjoy your snoozing :)

Source: Gmail Blog