Holiday Best Practices: Automatically capturing longtail keywords with inventory aware campaigns

This holiday season, we’re offering quick tips (30 minutes or less to implement!) to whip your campaigns into shape, just in time for the holidays. Reach out to your DS solutions consultant or the DoubleClick Search Support team for more advice on how to implement today’s tip.

This tip goes out to retail advertisers who have linked their Merchant Center accounts to DoubleClick Search. Inventory campaigns, when carefully crafted with Brand + Category keywords and custom templates, can drive thousands of revenue dollars and save whole days of optimizing ad copy and keyword creation, but what if it’s mid-November and you’re underwater with thousands of new and updating products? Use inventory campaigns piecemeal to just create those pesky long-tail product-specific keywords, right when you need them.

Try creating an inventory campaign that’s scoped to every product for a single, long-tail campaign that covers the full product inventory. Name of the game here is:
  • For your ad groups, split them out by AdWords_Grouping or Brand, whichever makes sense for the sorts of products you sell, or whatever might map to your PLA campaigns.
  • For your first ad template, make a static ad template, modeled from your best performing ad copy. Advertise your shipping deals, if possible!
  • For keyword templates, pick the quick wins for complete product coverage, like:
    • Title, phrase or exact match
    • Brand Title, broad match

The inventory-aware campaign will handle all the rest -- pausing keywords if the products go out of stock/are removed from the feed, and adding new keywords as new products come into stock. DoubleClick Search integrates seamlessly with the Google Merchant Center feed for intraday updates (almost as good as elves helping you work).

In less than 30 minutes, you can set your long-tail keywords up for success. Reach out to our support team for more inventory-aware implementation tips -- helping you answer your “what-if” scenarios, or structuring your campaign. Get your long-tail, full-coverage campaign implemented for all the holiday shoppers making their lists (and checking them twice).