Holiday Best Practices: Adjust your bid strategy settings for optimal performance

This holiday season, we’re offering quick tips (30 minutes or less to implement!) to whip your campaigns into shape, just in time for the holidays. Reach out to your DoubleClick Search solutions consultant or the DoubleClick Search Support team for more advice on how to implement today’s tip.

This week’s tips go out to anyone who is currently running bid strategies in their accounts. This holiday season, let Santa do all the heavy lifting while DoubleClick Search bid optimization updates your keywords automatically.

DoubleClick Search uses near-instant conversion data to account for current trends like seasonality, holiday periods, or sudden spikes in demand due to offline events like weather. With this data-driven optimization, you can be sure that a burst of sale activity won't send a bid strategy haywire, but will help our algorithms quickly learn and deliver results, so you make the most bang for your buck during the holiday season. 

If you have any kind of bid strategy implemented in your accounts, set up a saved view to make reporting and adjusting easier. Some useful columns to include are:
  • % at min bid -- this column shows you the amount of time each keyword has spent at their min bids, in the date range you’ve selected
  • % at max bid -- this column shows you the amount of time each keyword has spent at their max bids, in the date range you’ve selected
  • Primary constraint or bid strategy health -- these columns will be populated with reasons why the keyword might not have reached a target bid (for example, it was constrained by minimum or maximum bid limits)

Now, let’s put these columns into practice. You can filter down this saved view to only show keywords that are hitting their min or max bids at over 50% of the time -- then think about adjusting the bid ranges for any keywords that show up in the filtered list. DoubleClick Search bid strategies do their best work with more relaxed bid constraints, so you want to minimize the number of keywords in this view.

To further minimize the time you’ll spend monitoring your bid strategies, you can set up automated rules and alerts to notify you if keywords are hitting their min or max bids, not receiving clicks and/or conversions, or falling out of a certain position range goal you’ve set. Set up a recurring rule to email you a notification every day or week, and that will serve as the reminder for you to log in and check your saved view!

In under 30 minutes, you can make sure your bid strategies are working to meet your goals over the holidays. Set aside your worries, knowing that you’ll get notifications in your inbox if anything needs adjusting. Reach out to the support team at [email protected] or your account reps for more bid strategy workflow and optimization tips or to get assistance with setting up the saved views or automated rules & alerts.